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Top Price


Top Price Animal

Lot 25 - Eddington Haywood

Top Price Buyer

Angus and Donna Deane "Malboona" Corfield

Top Price Registered Female

Lot 128 - Lisgar 747 bought by John Atkinson Cashmere Stud for $3750

Top pen of commercial Females

Cows and calves (Bernborough Droughtmasters) sold to C & J Underwood Moura $1310/hd

Top pen of joined commercial heifers

Red tag PTIC heifers (Eversleigh Droughtmasters) sold to Jon Warby DOCE Springwater Injune $1240/hd

Top pen chance-mated heifers Eversleigh Droughtmasters sold to Bill Chandler Hillalong Barcaldine $740/hd
Top pen unjoined heifers Nosredna Past Co Eddington sold to John & Trish Bellinger Beaumont Ashford NSW $560/hd

Sale Summary:

 Bull and Registered Female Sale

The 9th Annual Diamantina Sale met a solid market with a number of repeat buyers plus new buyers in attendance.  104 bulls were presented with 100 bulls sold to an average of $4220.  Top price of $16500 was paid by Angus and Donna Deane from Deane Grazing "Malboona" Corfield for Lot 25 Eddington Haywood.  The Deanes have been long time supporters of the sale and this year was no exception with the purchase of 6 bulls for an average of $9300.  Eddington presented a total of 21 bulls which averaged $4952.

The top price herd bull, Lot 45 was sold by David and Sarah Birchmore of Birchmore Droughtmasters to Deane Grazing for $8500.  The Birchmore draft of 8 bulls averaged $5187.

Topping the sale average was Lisgar Droughties who sold 5 bulls for an average of $5300; top price was for Lot 11 Lisgar 691 $8500 and sold to Anthony Anderson Eddington.

Latrobe Droughtmasters sold Lot 18 to Keith and Coral Jones "Spreyton" Julia Creek for $6500.

Eversleigh and Wallace Vale Droughtmasters sold 14 bulls to average $4571 with a top of $9000 for Lot 2 bought by Edwin and Eddie Maxwell Crown-M Stud.

Bernborough Stud had a 100% clearance of their 13 bulls reaching a top of $7000 twice - Lot 34 purchased by Deane Grazing and Lot 115 purchased by Daintree Grazing.

The Allen Family Western Red Stud "Withywine" Longreach picked up Lot 75 Telemon Tribute for $8500.

Crown-M Stud averaged $2750 for their two bulls while Cody Malone from Mt Grant sold to a top of $3500 for Lot 71.  

Top price bull of the Enterprise draft was Lot 93 which sold for $4000 to Ian and Deb MacDonald "Bloomfield" Blackall.  Garth and Maureen Power presented 8 bulls with Powermac 374 selling for $5500 to the TeKloot Family Marmboo Grazing Longreach.  Lazy A Stud sold 5 bulls for an average of $3600 to a top of $5000 paid by Daintree Grazing for Lazy A 128.

Volume buyer of the sale was Errol Entriken of Sesbania Winton who took home 17 bulls for an average of $3200.  Boo Robinson Kanari Holdings Boulia picked up 10 bulls while Peter Britton also took home 10 bulls to Mt Landsborough Winton.

After a three-year break 10 registered females were presented through the ring.  The females had a 90% clearance and a sale average of $2305.  Top price honours went to Lot 128 Lisgar 747, a 16 month old open heifer which sold to John Atkinson of Cashmere Stud for $3750.  Eddington sold 4 registered females through the ring for an average of $2625 while the two PTIC females from Wallace Vale were purchased by Alex, Maree and Ned Power and Ben Power Lazy A Stud for $2000 each.

Commercial Female Sale

The Diamantina Sale once more proved that is it is the premier sale for presenting one of the best line ups of pure Droughtmaster females in Australia.  Breeders and agents came from far and wide with buyers standing shoulder to shoulder in the walkways to bid on the 1079 quality commercial females on offer.  Volume buyers at the sale were Wayne and Grant Veivers from Rewan Cattle Co.  Just under 320 head were purchased with the trucks taking a selection of PTIC and chance-mated heifers from Eversleigh and Powermac Droughtmasters back to their property, Rewan at Rolleston.

Top price in the commercial sale went to a pen of 3-5 year old cows with 8 month old steer calves at foot presented by Wayne and Sandra Birchmore of Bernborough Droughtmasters.  The 18 cows and calves sold for $1310/unit and were bought by Charlie and Jane Underwood of Narrawong Moura to put on their property Aireworth near Stamford. 

Jon Warby from DOCE Pastoral Springwater Injune came to the sale to source PTIC heifers and he didn't leave disappointed securing 161 red tag PTIC (4 months and over in calf ) heifers for an average price of $1124 to top at $1240 for 100 PTIC heifers presented by Roger and Jenny Underwood Eversleigh Droughtmasters and the balance of the draft coming from Hughenden Station.

Chance-mated heifers also sold well with the top price pen being purchased by Barcaldine breeders and regular sale supporters, Bill and Julann Chandler.  Unjoined and replacement females sold to a top of $560 and were purchased by Elders Inverell on behalf of John and Trish Bellinger Beaumont Ashford NSW.

Eddington Droughtmasters sold females in all categories for an average of $720/hd topping at $1160 for PTIC heifers sold to Brodie Agencies Winton. 

Greg and Terressa Ford Hughenden Station presented a line of 161 PTIC and chance-mated heifers.  The PTIC heifers topped at $980/hd with the chance-mated females selling to a top of $650.

268 chance-mated heifers presented by Garth and Maureen Power were in demand with all but one pen snapped up by Rewan Cattle Co.  The draft sold to a top of $690/hd and averaged $656/hd.

Roger and Jenny Underwood presented 297 females with their draft averaging $977/hd; PTIC heifers made to a top of $1240/hd and their chance-mated heifers topped at $740/hd.

Regular "outside" vendors, Edwin and Sherilee Honnery "Ormonde" Hughenden once again supported the sale with an offering of 77 head to return an average of $781; the top price for their draft was for a pen of 11 x 11 cows and calves which made $1030/unit.  Ball & Co of Nelia also sold 66 cows and calves for $1040/unit with their 78 PTIC heifers averaging $900/hd.  Overall their draft averaged $970/hd.

No offered - 1079

Average - $830

Top - $1310

Clearance - 100%

  • Cows and calves - top of $1310/unit sold by Wayne and Sandra Birchmore Bernborough to C & J Underwood; sale average = $1100
  • PTIC (4 months and over) - top of $1240/hd sold by Roger and Jenny Underwood Eversleigh to Jon Warby; sale average = $1030
  • PTIC (under 4 months) - top of $1020/hd sold by Roger and Jenny Underwood Eversleigh to Wayne and Grant Veivers; sale average = $910
  • Chance-mated - top of $740/hd sold by Roger and Jenny Underwood Eversleigh to Bill and Julann Chandler; sale average = $655
  • Unjoined - top of $560/hd sold by Nosredna Past Co Eddington to John and Trish Bellinger; sale average = $520

The vendors would like to thank all buyers, bidders and selling agents for the strong support they gave this year's sale.

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